Play Dinosaur games that are for kids and pre-schoolers. We have Dinosaur activities, Dinosaur coloring books, dinosaur pictures, clipart and Dinosaur puzzles. Play our new iPad and Android games too.

Dinosaur Boulder Bust Dino Bolder Bust
jump, run and bust the rocks.
Fat Dinos Dino Jumper
Jump forever and get prizes!
Dinosaur Egg Drop Game Dino Egg Drop
hit eggs to complete levels.
Raptor Trap Raptor Trap
Trap the T-Rex not yourself!
Fat Dinos Jurassic Fattys
Who is the fattest dinosaur?
Dinosaur Pong Arcade Game Pong a Saurus
Dinosaur Kids Sounds
Dinosaur Coloring Pages Dinosaur Coloring pages
to print out and color.
Dino Love Dino Love
Rescue your Dino girl friend. Jump and run.
Dino Jump Game Dino Jump
Jump over T Rex and collect prizes.
JetPack Dino JetPack Dino
Fly your way thru mazes and collect prizes.
Dinosaur Asteroids Dino Asteroids
just like the Arcade game.
DinoRun Dino Run Run
Drive a tractor and jump on prizes.
Dinosaur Castle Game Dinosaur Quest
find treasures in this dino game.
Dinosaur Egg Crush Dinosaur Blocks
Match 3 for high scores.
Dinosaur Tar Pit Game Dinosaur Tar Pit
Fun driving game drive fast!
Angry Dinosaurs Game Angry Dinos!
like Angry Birds but happier!
Avoid the Dinos! Avoid the Dinos!
but collect the eggs
Dinosaur Quest Game Dino Quest
fun question and answer game.
Kids Dinosaur Carnival Game Dino Carnival
Dinosaur Shooting gallery
Ice Age Dinosaur Game Ice Age Dinos
help save the dinosaur princess
Squash the Dinosaurs Game Dinosaur Squash
Push rocks to trap the dinos.
Dinosaur Rex coloring book Tyrannosaurus
Coloring Book for Dino kids
Dinosaurs and Candy Game Dinos and Candy
jump for prizes.
Me and my Dinosaur Game Me and My Dinosaur Great kids game!

Dinosaur Comics Dinosaur Comics
funny learning stories.
Dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Match Game Dinosaur Memory Match
Match the Dinosaurs
Dinosaur Clipart Dinosaur Clipart
and pictures
Dinosaur Egg Toss Game Dino Toss
Launch eggs at the dinosaurs.
Dinosaur Qix Arcade Game Dino Qix
Cover your Tracks and move
Dinosaur Tetris Tetri Saurus
Just like Tetris

We have some of our older and more simple Dinosaur games here.
More Dino Games
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Super Dino Egg Game Super Dinosaur Egg Smash
Like Mario Bros
Learn about and how to play each of the online kids Dinosaur games on our How to play the Dinosaur games page here
Give us feedback and how we can improve our Dinosaur Games at our blog at Dinosaur Games Blog
Dinosaur Drag and Drop Game Dino Drag and drop.
Match dinosaur words

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