Play Dinosaur games that are for kids and pre-schoolers. Try Dinosaur activities, Dinosaur coloring books and Dinosaur puzzles. Play our new iPad and Android games too.
Dinosaur Asteroids
Dinosaur Asteroids- just like the Arcade game.
iPad-Android OK
Dinosaur Boulder Bust
Dinosaur Bolder Bust- jump and run and bust the boulders.
iPad-Android OK
Dinosaur Egg Toss Game
Dino Toss- Launch eggs at the dinosaurs
iPad-Android OK
Raptor Trap
Raptor Trap- Trap the T-Rex
Dinosaur Tar Pit Game
Dinosaur Tar Pit Game-driving game. Cover the tarpit with grass in this Dinosaur Game.
Dino Run Run-Drive your lawnmower to clean up the grass. Collect prizes by jumping on the garbage.
Dino Jump Game
Dino Jump Game- jump over the bad T Rex. Like Mario Bros.
Dinosaur Castle Game
Dinosaur Quest- find the treasure in this dinosaur game.
Ice Age Dinosaur Game
Ice Age Dinosaurs-save the dinosaur princess

Fat Dinos
Jurassic Fattys
iPad-Android OK
JetPack Dino
JetPack Dino
Flap to the Moon!
Dinosaur Egg Crush
Dinosaur Block Crush. Get matches for high scores and prizes.
iPad-Android OK
Dinosaur Egg Drop Game
Dinosaur Egg Drop- clear all eggs to complete a level.
Angry Dinosaurs Game
Angry Dinos! like Angry Birds
iPad-Android OK
Avoid the Dinos!
Avoid the Dinos! but collect the eggs
Super Dino Egg Game
Super Dinosaur
Egg Smash
iPad-Android OK
Dinosaur Quest Game
Dinosaur Quest
iPad-Android OK
Dinosaur Comics
Dinosaur Comics
Dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Match Game
Dinosaur Match Memory match games with Dinosaurs
Dinosaur Clipart
Dinosaur Clipart and pictures
iPad-Android OK
Kids Dinosaur Carnival Game
Dino Carnival- Dinosaur Shooting gallery
Super Mario Dinosaur Game
Dinosaur Bros
Squash the Dinosaurs Game
Dinosaur Squash- Push rocks to trap the dinos.
iPad-Android OK
Dinosaur Rex coloring book
Tyrannosaurus Rex Coloring Book for kids
Dinosaurs and Candy Game
Dinosaurs and Candy-jump and run to collect prizes.
Me and my Dinosaur Game
Me and My Dinosaur
iPad-Android OK
Dinosaur Drag and Drop Game
Dinosaur Drag and Drop- Match dinosaur words
Dinosaur Tetris
Tetri Saurus- like Tetris

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More Dinosaurs kids Games

Hidden Dinosaur Words Dinosaur Coloring Book Dinosaur ClipArt Dino Tetris Drag and Drop Dinosaurs too match name and picture. Dinosaur games in the Tarpit. Here you can drag and drop Dinosaur Pictures around the screen to make your own pictures. Games where you can push the rocks around to squash the Dinos. Stuck in Jurassic Park Dinosaur games. Just click where you want to go, hopefully you'll be able to get out. Make your own Dinosaur story with your name and other names of people you know. Learn Dinosaur answers in Dinosaur Quest games, just don't pick the wrong answer! Kind of like Tetris games, as the Dinosaurs come falling down, move them so you get 3 dinos in a row Dinosaur Stickers is another game where you drag and drop dinosaur pictures to make your own scenes. Dinosaur memory Match is simple memory matching game. Chose Easy, Medium and Hard games. Search for Dinos is like the newspaper word search games where you look for Dinosaur related words. Dinosaur Castle is one of our favorite games that has dino monsters, treasures and locked doors. TicTacToe Dinosaur, can you beat Ankylosaurus? Great dinosaur kids games. Dinosaur Song is a nice video about how big dinosaurs were. Dino Kong is like the Donkey Kong games where you have to run and jump up the levels to collect fruits and treasures. Here you can read funny Dinosaur Comics.

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