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This game is about collecting candy and avoiding the Dinosaurs that want that same candy. The first 3 levels are a maze type game. The last 2 levels are a running and jumping type of game.
The "Penguinsaurus" has to avoid the Saber Tooth wolves to collect all of the hearts before he can rescue his pretty Pink Penguinsaurus!
Here's a fun Dinosaur Matching game. You can choose several levels of difficulty.

For iPhone and Android too.
dinosaurs and candy
This game is also educational! Answer the questions about different Dinosaurs correctly to move forward.

For iPhone and Android too.
Dinosaur Comics! Funny stories about daily Dinosaur life. View these on your iPhone, iPad or Android devices as well
Here you can create your own Dinosaur story that has different names and places. Different everytime.

For iPhone and Android too.
T-Rex is pretty smart in this game! Try to get 4 of your Dinosaurs in a row before T-Rex does.

For iPhone and Android too.
All the Dinosaurs are tearing up your tar pit! Drive your tractor around to plant grass, collect prizes and coins.
This game is from another website about a boy and his pet Dinosaur. It's really a very thoughtful and well laid out game.
Dinosaur Castle! Wander the castle in search of food and treasure. Beware the bad Dinosaurs that are out to get you! Similar to Guantlet.
Remember Tetris? This is the same game but with a Dinosaur theme and beautiful music.
Angry Birds? How about Angry Dinosaurs! There not really angry, they just like to jump around on top of the other Dinosaurs.
This is a Dinosaur activity where you drag and drop Dinosaur items to create your own pictures . Black and white version for making coloring pages!
For iphone and Android too.
dinosaur puzzle
This game is a real challenge! Move Bub the Dinosaur around and push the Dino eggs back home. Careful you don't get stuck!
bouncing bub the dinosaur
Bub the bouncing Dinosaur needs to climb the levels and smash all the rocks before he can advance to the next level.
Super Dinosaur Egg Smash! A lot like the Mario Bros games. Jump up and down the levels, collect prizes and turn the bad Dinos into Dinosaur Eggs and then smash them!
dinosaur tetris
Kind of like a Dinosaur Tetris game. As the blocks fall, use the arrow keys to line the Dinos up.
dinosaur tetris dinosaur childens game
Tic Tac Dinosaur! Everyone knows how to play. Can you beat Ankylosaurus?

For iphone and Android too.
dinosaur childrens game
DinoBox? What does that mean? On a grid you take turns against the computer drawing different sides of a box. If you finish the box you get to keep it. Whoever has the most boxes is the winner!
dinosaur puzzle games
Remember Frogger? This game plays the same. Get your prehistoric turtle (Archaelon) past the dinosaurs to safety. Avoiding getting run over!
jurassic park dinosaur game
Stuck in Jurassic Park. Travel around the Dinosaur park but watch out for bad dinosaurs. Collect coins for health and high scores.
For iphone and Android too.
dinosaur jumper game
Just like the black and whites slider puzzles that had numbers you had to get in order. In this one you arrange the squares to make a whole picture.
For iphone and Android too.
dinosaur words
Like the newspaper games where you find the hidden words. The game has all Dinosaur related words.

For iphone and Android too.
dinosaur games for kids and children
Just like Minesweeper only this time if you pick the wrong square, T-Rex has a surprise for you!

For iphone and Android too.
dinosaur castle
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